The 54th European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) International Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology

4 – 9 September 2016 • Bayreuth/Germany

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Welcome to Bayreuth

Dear Colleagues and participants of the 54th European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) Meeting on High Pressure Science and Technology!

In 2016 our annual forum, aimed at a fruitful exchange of ideas and views in a broad field of high pressure research, will take place in the city of Bayreuth, the capital of Upper Franconia, which is a part of the state of Bavaria in southern Germany.

Founded around the mid-12th century, Bayreuth experienced its Golden Age in the mid-18th century during the reign of Margrave Frederick and Margravine Wilhelmina of Bayreuth, the favorite sister of Frederick the Great. Bayreuth has the most beautifully preserved Baroque Theatre in Europe with the Margravial Opera House, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. In the 19th century Bayreuth became a domicile of the composer Richard Wagner. His family home, Haus Wahnfried, and the Festival Hall, Festspielhaus, the world-renowned opera house specially constructed for and exclusively devoted to the performance of Wagner's operas, are two of the few authentically preserved buildings related to Wagner’s life and work.

The 20th century added to Bayreuth one more landmark- it became a University town. The University of Bayreuth was founded in 1975 and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2015. The high pressure and high temperature research is one of the main scientific focuses of the University of Bayreuth and the Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry and Geophysics (BGI) is the central institution of the University since 1984. The aim of the research in the Bavarian Geoinstitute is the recognition, interpretation and quantification of geologic states and processes by laboratory experiments, in particular by the investigation of physical and chemical properties of matter under extreme pressure and temperatures. The predominantly geoscience research objectives of the Institute overlap with research in areas of the high pressure solid state physics, chemistry and material sciences, which was strengthened in 2011 by the foundation of the group for Material Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions at the Laboratory of Crystallography. The state-of-the-art experimental and analytic equipment for the characterization of materials gives the University of Bayreuth a unique standing throughout Europe and permits new methodical developments. The University of Bayreuth welcomes you to visit its high pressure laboratories through guided scientific tours during the time of the 54th EHPRG Meeting.

In your free time you can visit charming castles, the historical Hermitage Park with its dreamy grottos and fountains, the Festival Theatre with its unique acoustics, as well as a variety of interesting museums, which await you. Do not forget to discover the Franconian beer culture: with more than 200 independent breweries which brew approximately 1000 different types of beer, Upper Franconia has the world’s highest brewery-density per capita. A special Franconian beer route can be found along popular breweries in the valley between the Franconian Jura and the Fichtelgebirge Mountains. All these will provide you with new experiences, which will make your stay in Bayreuth unforgettable.  

We wish you a successful Meeting with fruitful discussions, encouraging disputes and conversations. We believe that your stay in Bayreuth will charge you with new ideas and impressions!

Sincerely yours,

Leonid Dubrovinsky and Natalia Dubrovinskaia
Conference Chairs